Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Change it is a comin'

When I started this blog just over 2 years ago, it was the repository for all the non-fiber commentary I needed to blog about: tv shows, new internet obsessions, jokes, cooking etc. Over the past year it's basically turned into the journal of my fitness work. What I do, what I eat, what's a challenge, etc.

After some long talks with myself, I decided to move all the fitness stuff over to it's own space. From now on, you can find me writing at Weight for Deb. WordPress made it easy for me to import everything, and edit out the stuff that didn't apply to the theme.

As for this blog. I'll probably just let it sit for a while. Maybe move the non-fitness posts I like over to A Stitch in Time. Maybe just let this be a repository until Google gets tired of storing it.

So if you come here to read the fitness stuff, please go check out the new crib and change your feeder reader (I know, what a pain!). I'll probably try to make the place a bit prettier over the next few weeks.. and will definitely be growing that blogroll. Let me know that I need to add you.

Now scoot! Go see what's up...

I also blog at: A Stitch In Time throughout the week and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.