Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time to "Bitch Up"

I figure if when professional male atheletes strap on their uniforms and get into the game they call it "manning up", then when I when become an assertive and demanding female, I'm "bitching up".
And I"m proud of it.

What burr's gotten under my butt now? Fire trails.

If you've read my blog at all, you've seen photos of the open space behind my house. There are safety trails back there that are supposed to allow the fire trucks to move in incase of a fire. These trails are also a "safety net" evacuation route for the 2000+ families that live in my neighborhood. If the main road out is blocked, we are supposed to be able to escape by these routes.

The trails behind my house have not been taken care of for over 3 years. They are overgrown, there is a sink hole in the middle of one trail and huge California oak tree that came down and blocked the trail over the winter. Under the current conditions, if we had to evacuate we couldn't.

So this morning I walked up there with the dogs, and took photographs. Then printed the photos out and delivered them to the fire department with a note asking for attention to the trails and informing the chief that I'd be back next week for an update.

And here's the photographic evidence that I'm "bitching up" and not simply bitching. These three pictures are 2 fire trails and one field. Can you tell the difference? For reference, the first two photos are fire trails, the third is a field.

Whatcha Doing Today? Being assertive; organizing to make postcards
Reading?Book 5 of the Harry Dresden series.
What's For Dinner, Deb?
Meatloaf, corn, salad, fresh fruit for dessert.