Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Folding Sheets

Someone's blog I was reading last week mentioned a goal to perfectly fold a fitted sheet. I learned the technique decades ago from Heloise... I have a feeling many of those under (oh...) 40? 35? don't have a clear memory of her. More's the pity.

Anyway, I first thought I'd take pictures myself to demonstrate it, but why reinvent the wheel? Turns out that this technique is demonstrated a bunch of places:

Martha Stewart
even Better Homes And Gardens

However. I have a couple hints that make this task even easier than they describe.

1. All of these sites have you fold two pockets, then pick up the other two one and time. Total waste of time and motion. When you take your fitted sheet off the line (or out of the dryer), straighten the sheet. Then arrange it so you have BOTH pockets from one end of the sheet draped over your right hand, and both pockets from the other end over your left. Bring both hands together, and overlap the pockets. Four pockets together. Then go on with their directions to neaten things up and finish folding the sheet.

Hint #2 here: fold the sheet so it is just a smidge less wide as the pillowcase you use with it. When completely folded, it should be about 1/2 length, too. Trust me.

NOW that THAT'S done, make it an easy set to work with. Gather all the linens that go on one bed at one time (fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow case(s). Fold them up neatly following that hint that they are just smaller than a pillowcase.

Now, take one pillowcase and slide the entire set inside . Fold over the top. Everything needed to make one bed is neatly contained as one package. Kids can simply grab one package to make their own beds, adults, too. And nobody has to go through all the sheets to find the correct sizes for their bed.

Whatcha Doing Today? Taking a nice walk.
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What's For Dinner, Deb? Meatloaf I think. It's not too hot to cook, and it will leave the spouser with something for lunch this weekend.