Friday, June 23, 2006

Sunset and YouTube'ing

First a moment of sunset. The sun is setting at almost it's highest spot in my view. During the winter the sun sets so far to the left that I don't see it.

Yesterday I spent part of the hottest part of the afternoon browsing some of the films at YouTube. It's a fascinating place. Worth killing an afternoon.

You MUST spend 8+ minutes watching Spin DJ if a God. (Thanks Beancounter for posting this.) The link is to a newly uploaded version with a better audio. You just have to! It's magical.

And if you have a little extra Current TV's cartoon about The Immigration Debate. Centered around a "native American campfire" where the citizens of the country are trying to decide what to do with all these infernal immigrants.

"I say we welcome them. They are good for the economy, they gave us these comfy blankets, and can anyone here honestly say they don't their fire water?"

"Didn't they kill your entire family in a raid last week?"

"Ok. I'll admit there are some cultural differences..."

Whatcha Doing Today? Besides walking dogs? Some more hand stitching.

Reading? Poisonwood Bible. One of the characters is growing on me.

Steps: Thursday I did 14,370 steps!! All that dog walking paid off!

What's For Dinner, Deb? It's Friday, we're going out.

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