Monday, July 17, 2006

What's growing the Garden?

How's my veggie garden doing, you ask? (well, you didn't.. but you should have!) Let's see...

My pepper plant is only about 12" tall.. but it's growing peppers!! Since I like them ripe (ie. not green..) it will be a month or so before I'm picking these.

This is my cantaloupe plant... it sat for the longest time, pouting and refusing to admit it had germinated and needed to grow. Now it's finally starting to look a little like a plant. There are even flowers on it. Still looks like a month or more until I'm fruit happy

My yellow pear summer squash is the only real producer so far. Like zucchini, I forget why I planted it, as I tire of if before it stops producing.

This is a volunteer!! I thought it was going to be a cucumber plant, but with a fruit on it now, I'm thinking canteloupe. What do you think? Or a canteloupe/watermelon cross?

Three small pie pumpkins are happily nesting in their leaves. Each of these should get about 12" round.. and about 8 pounds. Such tasty pie/pudding goodness is promised here.

My tomatoes are all green, green, green. Which does not keep them from being attacked by the scrub jays!! See those tomatoes with the dark spots on their sides near the bottom? The Jays come along, poke holes in the fruits and eat the liquid/seed out these. Later the squirrels will come along and steal the nearly ripe fruits. They will eat about 1/4 and leave them sitting on the deckrail to taunt me.

See? more details of the Jay-eaten damage.