Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How's your Weather??

Photo: An example of the "smudgy" clouds we've had lately. Don't know what causes this, but I love it.

Deborah B. wrote about the hot weather in Texas, and ended by saying:

Actually, I was nearly overwhelmed in my first few weeks here in TX. Not necessarily by the heat specifically, but by how much people want to talk about it.
Eventually, I decided that I would try to avoid using the crutch of complaining about the heat to make small talk or even bring it up in regular conversation unless it realted to something real in my life -- other than just the fact that it's hot. And suddenly it didn't seem like such a big deal. Suddenly it's nearly the end of August and we've survived just fine.

I'm not saying I like it. I'm just saying that our words and intentional thoughts make a difference.
So, after complaining about the heat wave a full month ago, I'm writing today to say that the weather is PERFECT. Atleast in my opinion. (The spouser will complain that it's a bit chilly).

Our humidity is in the very comfortable 40% range, our daytime high today will about 77. The fog will move in about 8:30 pm, dropping our evening temps to the mid 50s. Bad for ripening tomatoes; great for sleeping.

No need for heat, AC or even a fan.


These are the weather days I love. Unfortunately, at the dog park we all agreed that the weather is so pleasant, that our wish is to simply sit outside in a bit of shade and enjoy. I may just do that for a while.. take a Sukodu puzzle out on the porch swing and hang.

Whatcha Doing Today? Prepping stuff for a piece of art. Piecing some small flannel squares into a top. Hangin'.

What's on TV Tonight? PBS American Master is detailing Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller and the BlackList. And if you have HBO, Thursday night they're reshowing all four hours of Spike Lee's documentary on Katrina. Definately Tivo-worthy. (can somebody make a copy for me?)

Steps? Tuesday: 12056. Today, a whole let less.