Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lemon Chicken and Great Recovery

Tuesday for dinner I needed something inspired. I had 2 chicken breasts and little else of interest, I thought. Then I got inspired.

I marinated the boobs in lemon juice with some salt and paprika added. Then saute'd. After deglazing the pan with a little chicken stock, I added a spoonful or two of lemon curd. When the curd melted, I replaced the boobs in the sauce to coat.

Served with the greens, some cherry tomatoes and green beans.

Yummy. And completely unplanned.
Tuesday afternoon I decided to check Katy's healing progress. She's been walking about a mile or so, I returned to a favorite path that she hasn't been on since May. The Pinole Creek path is about 1.5 miles round trip. She finished it with no problems (slowing down at the end, but no limping or lameness afterward.) So a month early, I'm declaring her fully recovered!!

Whatcha Doing Today? I've got sketches to clean up. Plus too much paperwork and laundry.

What's on TV Tonight? Rockstar Elimination Show and Project RunWay.

Steps? Tuesday: 11,237

What's for Dinner, Deb? I'm thinking pork satay, brown rice, and broccoli