Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hate my cellphone

I hate my cellphone. Well, truth be told I am not fond of phones much at all. I've recognized them as a necessity of modern life.. but can't everything just be done by email? No. I know.

Anyway, we are in Illinois packing up my MILs house. The phone and cable have been moved to her room at the nursing home, so there isn't a land line here. Before we left I put some time on a Tracfone so we would have some phone access. But we've had problems since day one. I go to set or check voicemail, and I keep getting the box of a guy named Tom.

Seems the number that tracfone assigned my phone? Tom has had it for the past 5 months.


I spent an hour yesterday with a customer service lady from tracfone sitting in an office at the nursing home while professionals consulted with the spouser about her abilities and care. The CS lady never understood that I've got someone else's number. She had me progam this and that.. but never gave me a new number.


I hate this phone. And I hate the company more.

I'd switch to T-Mobil or someone else (giving up the hours already purchased for this friggin thing), but I don't think T-Mobil gives us cell coverage in the Quad Cities. I do not use a phone enough to willingly pay a monthly fee to not use the thing. Insurance this ain't. But I can't get this fixed without a lot of time on someone else's landline.. so it's a moot point now.

My "stolen" wifi is fairly reliable (though oddly the spouser, sitting right across the table from me can't find a signal at all). So if anyone wants to gets in touch with me.. please use the email.

Thank you in advance.

Whatcha Doing Today? Seeing about the MILs financial accounts, packing up the front bedroom.

What's on TV Tonight? Oh. I didn't mention. The only tv here is a 14" with no remote that's dying. I get CBS. Kinda. Tonight I think I'll put The Avengers tv series in the computer and relive some 60s camp.

Steps? Yesterday: 9763, though I am averaging 12,000/day.

14.5 days until I'm home.