Thursday, November 09, 2006

Three hours lost to fat

A couple weeks ago I had my annual mammogram; I have a really low risk of breast cancer, but I do this. Mammogram, pap smear, and lipid profile. Three things every woman should get done every year.

Anyway, I got one of those notes back that said they wanted more pictures. A small inconsistency on my left breast that needed evaluation. I was not concerned; the location description matched a spot they studied a few years ago. Then it was determined that some odd fat wrinkled occasionally under compression; and I figured it was the same thing this time. Still I made the appointment and went.

A three mammo shots of the suspect area and an ultrasound later I got the verdict: fat again making a spot that was hard to read. I lost two and half hours that I'll never get back again.

Last week, Guido did a body-composition analysis on my. We determined from pinch tests that my body is atleast 41% fat. Yeah, a woman should be about 20%. Doing the math, I need to lose 25-30#s of fat.. and probably atleast a pound in each breast.

Today will be another motivating factor in my working to lose weight and get back in shape. Maybe when I lose some of this excess weight, I can stop getting these rouge readings in my annual exams.