Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tale of the Scale 3/1:Back in the Saddle

Late with this week's update. There was little or no weight loss this week, but that's OK.

I've worked by myself for the last 2 weeks while Guido's been off with a sick family member. While I've worked OK I still let myself off the hook too easily. And really bad moods have cut my Monday workouts short.

Wednesday was a workout with Guido which got me back on track. It was a good workout. I know it was a good workout because although we concentrated on legs and balance work, Wednesday evening I was sitting here in my recliner tapping on a keyboard and I COULD FEEL IT.

Woke up this morning with my thighs and shoulders barking at me; but a stretch and a soak in the jacuzzi loosened things up. So I went and had a great workout on my own today. Back in the saddle.