Monday, March 12, 2007

Tale of the Scale 3/12

The Carquinez Strait bridges, Vallejo and Mare Island from our park walk.

You know that the weather is divine today: I drove with my windows and the sunroof down to catch the 3/60 air conditioning!

Weight: up a pound. I had a cold all weekend and sucked down Halls cough drops like they were good for me! I've also been taking it easy on the workouts; not missing them completely, but cutting back on the intensity.

Plan for the week:

Sunday: cardio and stability.(done)
Monday: cardio and stability (done)
Tuesday: cardio, stability, weight training.
Wednesday: cardio and stability.
Thursday: cardio and workout with Guido.
Friday: weather permitting, take the dogs for a 4.5 mile walk at Pt. Pinole.
Saturday: rest. rest. rest.

Sunday: rinse and repeat...

Was supposed to have a workout with Guido this morning, but he was a no-show. Again. I wonder if I will ever get 2 straight weeks in a row of double workouts? Oh well, it was so hot and humid in there, that I just did my stability stuff, showered, and came home.

But in a few weeks when I'm due to sign for more sessions, we are having a talk about communication and consistency.