Monday, April 02, 2007

Tale of the Scale: 4/2

Appear to be down another pound. Last week ended up being lots of cardio and not much weight work. Every workout scheduled with Guido got cancelled by one of us. Still, for me it was good week. Never got that training walk for the Bay to Breakers in though.

I'm starting to worry that I'm getting to a "complacent point" where I start telling myself that basically I'm doing OK, so I start sliding. Not quitting, just not working as hard. It's a balance between burning out and not pushing hard enough. I'll have to monitor my moods.

This week:

Sunday was a full workout. Felt good at the end, but not too buzzy-high. Listened to a CraftSanity podcast from last November with Betty Christiansen, who wrote "Knitting for Peace." However long that podcast ran, that's how long I worked out. It was something very close to 1.5 hours. I normally hate long podcasts, but Sunday it was a great entertaining gift.

Monday: cardio and core.
Tuesday: cardio and workout with Guido.
Wednesday: cardio and core. (training length for B2B??)
Thursday: See Tuesday.
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest, rest, rest