Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tale of the Scale, The Return

For 14 days I was travelling through Southern Europe and Asia Minor... eating cruise ship food(which, yes, means it's available almost 24 hours a day, often cooked with butter and cream, and in the restaurants comes with appetizer, first course, main course and dessert if you choose). The first couple days I did what everyone does: eat what they put in front of me.

My favorite pants, that I had just "out shrunk", started to fit again. I knew what that meant! Time for a return to something approaching normalcy here. My breakfasts and lunches became fairly routine, and I ate reasonably at dinners. My 3 snacks were usually fruit.. but with some kind of grain product, too. (a small piece of cake or a scone..). I also was able to pretty much maintain my gym workout schedule on the ship.

The end result?

I came home well-rested, in a good frame of mind, wanting to return to Italy, and one pound lighter than when I left.

I've broken into the 120s!!