Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feed Four Things

I was pointed to this interview with Danny Myers, a NYC restaurateur. While much of the interview was interesting, this line struck me as applicable to many of us:

I need to do four things... feed my brain, heart, body and spirit.. it doesn't matter whether you are home or at work, as long as you spend the time feeding those needs... if empty in one place I be a poor leader...doesn't matter where you are as long as you keep in shape along those four dimensions.
I know that I am starving myself in a couple of these areas. (Ok.. heart, spirit and maybe brain!!). I can feel the tank scraping along on empty. How can fill these tanks up? It's obvious to any regular readers that my body is fed (and cared for). And I'm doing an OK job of feeding my brain (between following unexpected links that bring to posts like the one above, to challenging puzzles and expanding my breadth of reading).

How to feed my heart and spirit? I've thought about this for a couple hours today and I honestly don't have an answer. So I'll turn to you. How do you go about feeding your heart? Feeding your spirit?

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