Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tale of the Scale: Shakin' My Life Up

I am a creature of habit.

Sometimes I think it's my Germanic heritage (except that I'm only 50% Germanic); other times I think it's a lazy survival instinct. Or living with dogs (we all know how they love their routine). Hmm.. how many reasons can I find for living every day on autopilot?

I get out of bed at the same time every day. I spend an hour on the computer, then move through my morning routine. I eat about the same things for most meals, and about the same calories each day. I sit the same times, move the same times. I live in habit. I get very uncomfortable when this routine is disrupted. Mentally, I'm thrown off balance.

Now Guido has suggested that this off-balance living might be just what I need.

Frustrated with the slowness with which I'm melting off these last few percentages of fat, Guido has been talking to friends and colleagues trying to squeeze every drop of inspiration out to get something to change for me. The guy holds the highest expectations for me; he sees me working hard and things not changing. He's taking this plateau personally.

I suspect part of the problem is he is more invested in this than I am. I am satisfied with my weight at the moment and, though I would truly like to be a bit leaner, I just don't have the strong emotional investment to work really hard at it. I've told him this. I know I need to lose belly fat (and boob fat, please) which IS important to me for long-term health reasons. So I'm willing to go along with Guido's plans. I remember he has my best self in mind and I've learned to respect my better angels when they hope for my success.

So what is our latest plan to make a change? Shake up my routine. Eat more, eat less, eat at different times. Exercise earlier or later/ longer and shorter. Stand when I usually sit. Look at each step of the day in it's routine and see how I can change it.

It's like waking my body up from it's winters nap and reminding it that Life Happens and It Can't Get Comfortable With the Same Old-Same Old.

It will make my brain grow, my head ache and maybe make me more creative (well, that's a personal goal for me). It will put my body, soul and spirit in new places. It's all starting Sunday.

Come Shake It Up With Me!

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