Monday, March 31, 2008

Sidewalk Series: Some time in North Berkeley

Sidewalk Series: North Berkeley

I spent a couple hours in Berkeley last Friday, so chose to use the opportunity to expand my sidewalk series to a new neighborhood. Right where I parked my car, was this charming fence with peeling paint and a fully-in-bloom wisteria crawling over it.

Want to play with Sidewalk Series? The rules are simple:

1.Take a photo in some neighborhood. It must be something visible from the street/sidewalk. Ideally the photo gives us a hint about the people living in the house.

2.The photo must be taken from the sidewalk. No, you may not step up on the driveway or the lawn. Public space only. No trespassing.

It's fun; it makes you look at your walks in a whole new way; it's creative.

Go for it!

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