Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Workout

I figure I'm going to blog some of these just incase I lose my workout notebook. Atleast I have something to refer back to. I did not weigh myself this morning.

Tuesday Workout:

Cardio: treadmill. 5 minute warm up (-3 degrees, 3.5 MPH) Medium intensity 10 minutes: 4 mph/ 8 degree incline; 15 minutes medium high: 4 mph, 15 degree incline. 5 minute cool down: -3 degrees, 3 mph.

Stretch legs and hips.

Floor work for core/stability/balance (2 sets):

Bridge with extended leg. (an old stand by)
Swiss ball: Reverse crunch to push up. 10 reps (3 sets!!)
Wall Squats: legs wide/ legs close arms at sides 15 reps each.
Step-Up to Platform (One foot) with military press.
Done as a circuit with a 30 second rest before repeating.

OK.. we had to do the step ups on a stool for weight lifting. It was padded. I was wearing the wrong shoes. IT WAS FRAKING HARD. I kept unbalancing and getting frustrated. Guido made me do 10 on each side anyway. It took a lot longer than we expected. I hated it. I told him I couldnot do it anymore. He STILL made me do it. It was probably good for me.

Leg Press. One leg. 10 reps on right leg/15 on left. 25#/35# Only bring in until knee is at 90 degrees; no acute angles today.

Bench Press. (modified: barbells angled, even with nipples, lower until elbows are just greater than 90 degrees. Press up.)

We ran out of time to do the unstable bench press sets along with this. (sigh) I was hoping for some one arm unstable bench presses where someone else told me what arm to use when. Maybe next time.

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