Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This morning I take Katy to the Vet Surgeon for a consult. She will probably stay there, have surgery on Wednesday and come home on Thursday. I'll have a little time to make this pen area more comfy.

With the Refashionista challenge beginning, I picked up this pretty cotton sweater at Goodwill. I'm planning on re-knitting it as another shell. I took the collar and one sleeve off before I thought of taking a photo. Think I'll try to completely avoid the orange (not really my coloring).

Now for something totally different. We had company for supper Monday, Most of it looked so pretty I thought I'd share the photos. First there were grilled veggies,

Then coleslaw and BBQ ribs.

We finished with strawberry shortcake. Since the pie started at the same temperature as the shortcakes, I baked a rhubarb pie too.

And finally, the moment of sunset.