Sunday, May 28, 2006

Walking the Line..

I broke down and invested in the Cadillac of pedometers. And I'm glad I did. I was convinced to try when Wendy Burmgardner of wrote:

This advanced design lets you wear it on your belt or carry it in your pocket, clip it to your bra, anywhere it is perpendicular to the ground.The Omron HJ-112 counts steps, calculates distance and calories burned. It also tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. The Omron HJ-112 has a 7-day memory, a feature I prize greatly. Top rated for accuracy by a consumer magazine.
Imagine a pedometer you can wear in/on your bra!!

Now I got to admit something here: I do not have a waistline. Never did. When I was a skinny 97# I still had a 26" waist and 32" hips. Now the size is a little higher, but the proportion has not changed. This means if I wear jeans that come up to the "natural" waist, and clip my pedometer onto it, it immediately flips 60 degrees from vertical (curling up like the waistband) and stops working. Eventually it falls off. I walked 2 miles one day last week with a clip on pedometer. It told me I'd taken 487 steps. I can't even imagine how long those strides must be!!

When I wear one with my low-rise jeans? They just fall off. A lot.

So a pedometer that you don't need to clip to the waistband of your pants? Has my name all over it!!

This one comes with a "holster" that you slide it into when you want to clip it. And you clip in on your pants, on your bra, on the breast pocket of you jacket, even on a purse you're carrying.

It also comes with a short safety strap and clip. I've been using it this weekend to clip it to my jeans, and slip it into the watchpocket. You would think the watchpocket would work for the cheaper pedometers, but I didn't find that to be true. This miracle works fine there. I'm thinking I can slip the necklace part of those ID packet things on this, and wear it tucked in a sportsbra. Will have to experiment this week.

Imagine being thrilled by a pedometer!! My life is so simple.

Whatcha Doing Today? Took Jake for a 2+mile walk (38 minutes of continuous stepping, thank you Omron!), did some yard work, watched the Cubs lose, did 2 loads of wash and hung it on the line. Need to do some housecleaning.

Reading? Yes. Book 6 of the Dresden series and (finally) Quilting Arts Magazine.
Steps: 7536 at the moment. I'll get over 10,000 before I go to bed.
What's For Dinner, Deb? uhm???I dunno. Maybe pasta.