Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cool is heaven...

It's been hot around here the last few days; last night, though, it cooled off. The infamous San Francisco fog didn't make a return (Friday it more than 100 miles offshore), but it's come close enough to cool the air at night. So we slept with windows open and it's a delightful 65 this morning. By suppertime the house will be close to 85... but it's tolerable when I know the cool morning is coming.

While I'm working on the garden path (almost to the pea gravel stage, btw), this is what I use for a workbench. A privet hedge.

Whatcha Doing Today? Heading to a Farmer's Market; laying down the weed barrier.

Reading? Sukodu puzzle and working through Threads.

Steps: Yesterday I forgot to put on my pedometer!!

What's For Dinner, Deb? hmm. Grilled meat and veggies. More I cannot say until I come home from the market.

Check out my other blog, where today I'm writing an update on Katy.