Friday, June 16, 2006

So not the prettiest picture to share today. This is the garden path I'm building. The upper part (undug ) is quite wide because we approach this spot from the side of the spa gazebo and will move left about 6' to get down the steps to the veggie garden.

Also, the compost bins/firepit wood stand are to the right just out of frame. The large pad will make working there easier. Today I will continue digging out narrow tracks to bury the wood frames in. Then I must make sure that the area inside the frames is about 2-3" lower than the top of the wood.
I'll cover this area with weedblock then fill the path with a tannish pea gravel. It will go with the flagstone and make a visually distinct area that should make it easy to know I'm on the path when my arms are full.

Below this level are 2 small terraced beds where I'm growing all our veggies. The beds are about 3' wide and 10' long, and planted with tomatoes, bell peppers, plus one each of: summer squash, cucumber, sugar pie pumpkin, watermelon, and canteloupe. A grapefruit tree, a keffir lime, an orange tree (the one visibile) plus some rhubarb grows along the right hand side here.

Whatcha Doing Today? Working on the garden bed until it gets too hot. Then working in my studio.

Reading? Poisonwood Bible.

Steps: 10,037 yesterday.

What's For Dinner, Deb? Mark is back in town, so we are heading to Won Thai for supper.

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