Thursday, June 01, 2006

ESPN made a brilliant decision..

I'm probably the rare woman watches a lot of ESPN. I like a lot, I don't like a lot, but heck it's a choice for me. They broadcast a lot of activities that are competitions that aren't sports. And that's why I'm watching it today.

A few years ago, ESPN acting as the broadcaster of competitions is showing the US National Spelling Bee. They started doing this maybe a decade ago. Since that time, a book, a play, and a movie have been written that use the Bee as the structure. People talk about the kids and the competition for days. Heck, I smiled today when I first saw Samir Patel still in it (Samir is 12, this is his 4th appearance and last year he was the runner up).

Now the competition has been running for decades, but none of this buzz occurred before we got to actually watch this unscripted drama unroll before our eyes.

It's brilliant and entertaining and I thank goodness that ESPN had the brilliance to do this.

Whatcha Doing Today?STILL searching for my discharge paste (and cleaning my work room), watch the Bee on ESPN.
Reading? Nothin new.
What's For Dinner, Deb?
Ya know, I've been singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise" for days. It must be a psychic clue. So I'm giving in.