Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RockStar Weekly...

I had an "a-hah" moment in the shower (don't most great ideas originate in the shower?) about this show:

One of the interesting things about the show last year was that all performers had to be familiar with a "portfolio" of INXS songs that they would be used on Elimination night. They were given a song, a beat, and it began.

This year the performers are choosing their own "swan songs".

I really wish that the producers and the "band" members had set up a portfolio before the show began. I know they don't have a large of the new band's songs.. but they could have made an interesting selection of cover songs. Then, when the band WANTS to hear someone rock harder.. they choose song X to force the issue. Note to the producers if this has a 3rd season.

An improvement they could make this season? Give Tommy Lee a strong dose of saltpetre and a gag.

Anyway, on to Wednesday's Elimination Show:

Darn.. I wrote the above earlier, then an entire evaluation of this show, live. then my browser decided to crash. (guess it was all the multi-tasking I did during the show...). Oh well. The short version:

Way too much talk-talk in the beginning. When there are fewer performers, will they show some of the real world stuff??

Magni Encore.. good!

Jenny : interesting, but her voice is too thin.

Dana: She just doesn't have "it."

And Josh? If this the best he can do, he won't be around long either. NOT THAT HE'S NOT TALENTED. Some of the song still sounded like a folk song with screaming.

Jenny's gone.. and should be, and Josh might be next.

Whatcha Doing Thursday? There is a sale at the guild meeting tonight, I've got to organize my stuff.

What's on TV Thursday night? Nothing that I can worth watching. Looks like a DVD night to me.

Steps Wednesday? 10,112