Saturday, July 22, 2006

Travelling this summer?

Ok, over on my other blog I wrote about a great little api that can inspire the artist. Here I'm going to share another one. Heck, forget just sharing it.. I believe we're going to end up using this!!

In a combination between Yahoo and Flickr, you can plan out an entire trip: note your flight/train/bus reservations, map your driving route, check out hotels and restaurants and make a list of things to do. That is, plan your trip before you take it.

Then, when you return, you can make a trip journal by uploading your photos to Flickr, and then inserting them in the appropriate place.

Planning and memories all in one place. This is Yahoo Travel's Trip Planner.

This might be a good thing to do with children (not tiny ones) or a way for a group to make plans and all get "on the same page". Then share your photos all in one place.. organized by location.

Whatcha think?? Ok, to try this out, I've started a Planner/Journal for my trip to BlogHer next week. So we can watch this whole thing develop.

Whatcha Doing Today? Again, trying to stay cool. maybe go to see a movie?

What's on TV Tonight? Again, nothing standing out.

Steps? Friday:10,225