Thursday, July 06, 2006

Walking the Dog..

First, another shot from our walks. A small, shaped juniper.

My walks with Jake are interesting.. even when I'm confronted with extreme yard art. The route I normal take is out our door and to the right.. along the crest of the hill. I have a spot where we stop and I check my pedometer. How are my steps going? Do I need to go on? Usually the answer is yes.

Because of Google maps, I can scope out distances on the route.. and check the elevation change.
For the crest walk, there are two times when there is a 100 foot climb, and other smaller ups and down. A nice workout.

Today, we are heading in the opposite direction: downhill and slowly up. The elevation is a lot more demanding on this route..going down 220 feet in just over the first 1/2 mile. Most of the rest of the trip is spent working my way back up. Great for the heart rate...