Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yard Art Gone Wild

With Katy rehabbing by taking short walks around the court, and high gas prices convincing me to keep the park in the garage, I often walk Jake along the top of our hill. In a two mile walk we get 2 separate sections with decent elevation change (about 80' each) but enough fairly level stuff to let the heart recover.

The other day I suddenly noticed this one yard. It's either a new installation or I've been oblivious on previous walks. This the first bed... filled with nice flower pots and few bunnies.

Behind and to the left is this collection. Almost all appears to be oriental themed... I think. These two beds flank the right hand side of the walk way heading up to the house.

Next, I'm showing you the bed along the left hand side of their driveway.

And the grand finale: between the driveway and the walk way... I can say no more...

Whatcha Doing Today? Sewing a top.

Distraction? Sudoku puzzles.

Steps: Yesterday: 10,708

What's For Dinner, Deb? Stuffed
veggies (peppers and squash).