Sunday, August 13, 2006

Convo and Sage

Ya know when you comment on somebody's blog and you wonder what goes on next? Does the author answer your comments in the comments? Do other readers agree or disagree with you? A new extension for Firefox is being developed to help this is.

Convo is being developed to track the comments in blogs that you've commented on. .It is an extension only available at the moment for Firefox. If you use MSIE (and I've got to ask WHY??), you will have for this to be made available. I've used it for a couple weeks, and I like enough to recommend it. Go.Forth. And. Download.!!

Now to explain the photo:

When I was redoing my one garden bed this spring, I thought one of the herbs I planted was an ordinary sage. Yet as it's grown it's come in variegated instead of gray-ish; it's smell is sweeter and bit more complex than common sage. I believe that instead I've planted a pineapple sage. Anyone care to confirm?

This weekend it started begging me to use it creatively. I've thought and thought and have come up with a couple possibilities: first steeping it to flavor a simple syrup for iced teas and lemonades; second trying to figure a way to use in the pork satay we're having later this week.

Today the Sage Simple Syrup. I typically make simply syrup and keep it in the fridge during the summertime. Then I wish to sweeten a tea or make some lemonade, it's there waiting to added. No concern about getting sugar (or sugar substitute) to dissolve. One cup of boiling water + 1/4 C of white sugar and life is sweet and easy.

So to this solution I added 12 bruised leaves of the sage. At the same time, I brewed up some spiced green tea. Steeped them both for the same amount of time (about 10 minutes) and removed all the tea/spices/sage. I mixed myself a glass. YUM. The sage leaves really compliment the cinnamon/cardamom/ginger spices.. and the tea has a wonderfully refreshing flavor.

I bet the herbalists/naturalists will be able to tell me what good things this is going to body. I'm content at the moment to simply savor it.

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