Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pit. Full. Stop.

Saturday afternoon I headed up to Sacremento for my friend Clara's 50th birthday party. (fabulous, BTW). The line at the local gas station was 5 deep, I had 120 miles of gas in my tank, so I struck out knowing I'd want to stop along away the way.

Up near Vacaville I pulled off at a very convenient stop: a gas station right next to the freeway with a Starbucks there, too. Light Mocha Frappacino was calling my name. (what?).

I fill up the pupmobile quite easily. Gas was even about fifteen cents cheaper a gallon than at home. I should have stopped there, though.

Go inside the StarBucks. Two women standing outside the restroom (I do have my priorities), so I decide to place my order first. The one man standing in front of me to get a drink? Slow. Slow. Slow. His order had been placed and still about 2 minutes yammering at the only clerk working the counter.

Finally my turn, I make a quick order and pay. The guy grabs my cup, puts it on the counter (empty) and starts filling the order of the folks behind me. Who don't know what they want. Two women who appear to working the drive through together have no customers, and are busily congratulating themselves on handling their "rush". Nobody, you notice, is making my drink.

I point this out to all three.

The clerk who took my order explains that he'll do mine with the ones behind me. I can wait so he can be "efficient".

OK. Time. I head off to the restroom again. Same women there... yes the restroom is open but there isn't any paper. Knock on the men's room, empty. Like a dummy, I go in and just grab me some paper (why didn't I use it? mid-afternoon, no nap and no caffiene. my mind wasn't working clearly.) Stand in line for the women's restroom (someone had slipped in there while I was in the men's).

Get inside, sit down and fail to hike my long dress sufficiently up. Yep. Pee on the hem of my skirt. People wonder why I live in jeans!!

Back out to the counter (I'm spending way to much time going back and forth in the place... I will soon have to fill out a change of address form). My drink is sitting on the counter, but...

The twits who ordered after me somehow thought it was THEIR DRINK. They both ordered teas!! But it didn't stop them from sipping some of mine. Ok. So the clerk is making me another drink.

"It will just take a second..."

Whatcha Doing Today?Straightening the studio and weeding the garden.
What's on TV Tonight? A new show on ABC Family: Moon over Milford.
Steps? Saturday: 11, 367