Monday, October 02, 2006

First concert???

OK. This has come up several times in conversations the last few weeks (most recently in the comments at State of Grace)
so's I gotta ask:

What was the first big concert that you attended? (NO, your visit to see an orchestra in 6th grade does not count!! Think Rock, Think Pop,... if you must think country...)

For myself, I was between 6th and 7th grade and The Beatles were on their second (and large) tour of the US. They played in The Mistake By The Lake. My best friend Ginny and I were in the upper level seats somewhere in left field. The stage was centered in the stadium with several trailers in the outfield where the performers stayed.

We planned to sleep over that night, which made life easier for our folks. One drove us down to the stadium in the afternoon, and the other set picked us up afterward.

Why do I think that now parents would shudder about leaving 12 year old girls off in front of a stadium for 3 hours or so at a concert?

Whatcha Doing Today? Run some errands, straighten the studio and start playing with the ideas I had about those triangle shapes from August.

What's on TV Tonight? Studio 60.
Steps? 10,247