Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stop the Violence Camp

I live near the city of Richmond, Ca. Since we moved here, violence in Richmond has been a regular part of the local news. Over the last year or two, numbers have increased to nearly one homocide per day.

Increased police presence did not reduce the numbers.

Marches and protests and weekend activities did not reduce the numbers.

Starting last Monday, residents decided that enough was enough. They wanted to take back their city and face the gang members and drug dealers who were destroying it. So they took a remarkable step: They are camping out.

Residents have surrounded the most dangerous part of town (The Iron Triangle) with tents, lawn chairs and campers. These residents are living outside on their streets making their presence highly visible.

And it's having an effect.

Since the campaign, there has been no homocides in the entire city. Today is day six; first we'll see how successful this is for the remaining 24 days. Then, the real test... what happens when the camp disappears.

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