Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday's Way

Yes, it's 2 days after my first workout, and I am still a little sore today. I knew I my muscles were soft, but not that soft!!

While driving home from a meeting I had a nice surprise. I've mentioned before that I listen to sports-talk radio while I drive, right? Yes, ofcourse I have. When we first moved to California, there was one show that I scheduled my life to listen to: Fitz and Brooks. Two young guys, neither from the Bay area, who know sports but approach their job with a light heart. Sprinkled among the scores and discussions of stratagy, there were songs from School House Rock and other odd trivia.

At one point, and for some reason I don't recall, Fitz was let go by the radio station. Poor Rob Brooks was scheduled here and there..alone or with less than stellar partners. His last pairing with almost 2 years with Rick Barry. Barry was so bad that I chose not to listen to my fav boy, Rod.

Fitz and Brooks are back together!!! I am so happy. So expect me to driving or near my radio most weekday afternoons.

STEPS Wednesday? 9900 My bronchitis is slowing me down... I must get better!!
CALORIES WEDNESDAY? Consumed:1201/ burned:2131
GOOD/BAD DECISION? Took a second walk this evening when it was apparent that I hadn't moved enough.
Whatcha Doing Thursday? I have my 2nd workout scheduled. Later, it's mowing the lawn, gardening and all that fun "homeowner" stuff.