Monday, October 23, 2006

Tale of the Scale

This morning is my third session with Guido (we doubled up last week). We worked on the "core" exercises getting a couple new ones. I need to getting a schedule firmly set in my mind as to when I do core (every day), aerobic (5-6x a week) and weight training (2-3x a week).

My weight this morning: A-ha. Turns out I didn't weigh myself accurately last week, knew it but didn't mention it earlier. Starting weight: 158.5#. Today's weight: 156.5#. I'm down 2 pounds. Guido says most of this can be attributed to eating 300 calories every three hours throughout the day.

Funny thing. It's becoming a habit.

What's my impression so far? I sweat more walking the treadmill than walking the dogs though it's the same pace. Maybe it's the lack of humidity outside vs. inside.

I feel stronger, firmer, better almost all day long after working out. This feeling is what will get me going back.

And a tip: push your shoulder blades together. Do it. Right now. Do you feel more centered, more upright, stronger? Try to remember to do this throughout the day.

GOOD/BAD DECISION? Good: Went for a 2nd walk in the evening. Bad: fat consumed was higher than goal. But it was good fat (mono-unsaturated).

Whatcha Doing Today? Workout, help the spouser shop for cars, do some prep work for sewing later this week.