Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where's the hacksaw???

I had plans for Wednesday; plans to clean up the kitchen from Tuesday's tomato-fest; plans to work on some design stuff; plans. My kitchen had other plans.

After I ran a dishwasherful of bowls and such from the night before, I unloaded the dishwasher and planned to clean the few items that didn't fit in. That's when I saw it: water standing in both sinks in the kitchen. A clogged drain.

I know how to deal with clogged drains. You clear under the sink, put down something to catch the water and remove the trap. The clog is usually there.. and if it's beyond that point the trap is the easiest entry point for a snake. And I owned my own snake.

Opened the cabinet and looked at the plumbing that they put in when they redid my kitchen a couple years ago. Oh Joy!! The idjets who did my kitchen? They glued the pipes. THEY GLUED THE PIPES!!!

There would be no easy fix for my clog.

Out to the garage to find my pipe auger. No auger anywhere in the place. Since we have a double sink, I couldn't just plunge it. (OK, I did grab both our plungers, hoping I could blog one drain with one and plunge with the other. I'm not that big or strong. And I'm not sure it would have worked anyway.)

I ran down to the store and picked up 2 bottles of liquid drain cleaner. That stuff is a real rip. I don't believe it works at all. I poured them both down eventually, and the water level slipped down a whole inch!! Big woop!

There is one join that I could unscrew, just beyond the trap. Unscrewing it atleast allowed the water to drain out of the pipes. So's let me tell ya...Ya know all that drain cleaner? When you want the drain in your sink to get all shiny and new-looking.. it's good for that!

I was ready to hacksaw the pipes off, run down to Home Depot and replace the whole thing when the spouser finally got home from work. Told him of the problem, fed him supper and waited. An hour later, I politely asked him to search for lost auger or fix up the hacksaw. No auger found, calm on the hacksaw front.

He convinced me to call the plumber in the morning.

I woke up today and new motor on the furnace? It's got a high-pitched hum that if it isn't fixed will make me homocidal quite soon.

Where's the hack saw??

Whatcha Doing Today? HAH@!!!
What's on TV Tonight? Thursday night? Grey's Anatomy/CSI and ER.