Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home Repair Comments...

Gee, so other people have fun home maintainence stuff, too!!

Paula.. I'd SOO be replacing a fridge that hums so I can feel it. Sam, I live at the top of a hill right next to a major freeway. When there is a traffic problem early in the morning commute, the traffic helicopters hover behind and above my bedroom. Wakes me up about once or twice a month.

A new plumber showed up about noon and showed me how to undo the pipes. He then power augered his little heart out! First from the sink through the secondary line. Then (under the house) from the cleanout to the street. Still a clog. A second time through from the sink to the secondary line and finally we had clearance!

So let's count... drain, furnace... oops that's only two!! I'll holds all bets placed on what the third malfunction will be: washer or dryer breakdown? garage door opener fail? wifi fail??

What's on TV Tonight? Battlestar Galactica returns!!