Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Darn, I'm On My Own

Law, Reason and CYA are standing between me working any more with Guido the trainer for atleast a month. Ya see, all the paperwork has been processed for us to do paid personal training sessions.

And the big differences between these and the freebies?

Guido will work me harder so they want to know about my health, and they don't want to be set up for a lawsuit. So my doctor needs to sign off that I can work out with a trainer. Never needed that before, but I wasn't over 50 last time I tried this. I think that's the big hang up.

The doctor, not wanting to be vulnerable for a lawsuit, either, if I should drop dead in the middle of the gym, won't sign off on the training until I get a complete physical. Hopefully we can skip the stress test. I'll try to reason with him about this. My appointment with the doc ain't until 12/15.

So I'll be working on my own at the gym and at home until some point after that. Sigh.

STEPS YESTERDAY? Ya know what? I clipped my pedometer on a bra, then couldn't find it. But I walked for an hour.

CALORIES YESTERDAY? 1237 (too few), Fat and Protein were right on, but the carbs were too low. I should have a beer.

GOOD/BAD DECISION? I got my flu shot.