Thursday, November 23, 2006

Go See This Movie!!

Casino Royale! It's gotten good reviews with all the people I regularly trust; Thanksgiving we decided to see to ourselves how good it was. Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond. This man can run!!

I understand that this team has chosen to create a Bond much more like the character in the Fleming's books: not a devilishly charming lady's man; neither a "wink-wink" cartoon not a product-placement shill. (though there is that).

This James Bond is a stone-cold killer with a sense of humor.

And Daniel Craig? I decided about half way through this movie that the actor got this part not only because he's in phenominal physical condition, but primarily because he runs better on film than any other man I've seen.

There were very few holes in this movie. Plenty of action.. and much more character development than any of the past films. Far and away, this is the best Bond ever. If you've liked any of the other versions... go see this one.

True to the original novel, Bond creates a drink (the Vesper). This drink was the favorite of author Ian Flemming. Alas, a little research online shows that the one rather obscure ingredient (Lillet) is nearly impossible to find; and I was guessing it would be the new "hot" cocktail.