Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Am A Puddle of Goo

I finished my first 50 minutes workout with Guido; at the end, I was a puddle of goo. But in a good way! We worked on stabilization movements; a true challenge since the bone-spurs on my toe mean I cannot bend my feet. And? My balance is pretty crappy. I spend half the work-out flailing my arms about in a desperate attempt keep my balance. Guido has threatened to video me with his phone and upload it to YouTube.

Meanwhile, I am testing Guido's ability to adapt moves so I can do something. Imagine trying to do lunges without bending either foot! It can be done with one foot on a balance ball, but that requires: balance!! At home I use a chair... at the gym, I think I spotted the acceptable alternative. We'll see next week.

Today I took the dogs for a nice long walk. Like maybe an hour and a half walk. When we came home they, too, were puddles of goo. Seems to run in the family.