Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dog Blog Weekend...

It's the weekend before Christmas! Holiday cheerful insanity and way too much retail guilt shopping can drive to the comfort of our home, pets and laptops. What a perfect time for a little dog blogging. Except that my two are keeping warm by napping on the bed.

Nevermind. This week, I found a new-to-me blog: Doggie News. While many of us simply blog the details of our own personal pooches, the writer/editor of Doggie News, Steve Johnson, writes on dogs in general with short helpful posts that might interest all or only a few dog owners. Some posts are items we might find useful, others are hints and suggestions. This week there was even a recipe (for humans!) from a cookbook published by professional pooper-scoopers. I gotta admit. Even if I made these chicken wings.. there is no way I'd use their name!!

This week I saw his post on Bella's Hot/Cold Packs and wondered where these were when Katy had her surgery this past summer? I sure could have used one of these as none of my packs fit/worked/stayed her. And given that I have 2 active dogs, I'm going to have to add these to a wishlist.

Thursday Steve put up a great article on getting a puppy for Christmas. While the article repeats a lot of the news we hear every year, he wonderfully did include the suggestion of making sure to check animal shelters and rescue groups for the perfect pet. As an owner who has only had rescue dogs, I second his recommendation.

There's great information about microchipping, a vaccine for peridontal disease, and tons of topical news items in the archives. However, I gotta ask: WHO thought that A pooper-scooper Barbie was a good idea??

Note: This review, though completely my opinion, was paid for Doggie News and ReviewMe.