Monday, December 18, 2006

Scale of the Tale

Went into the gym today for my Monday workout and weigh-in. No change in the weight. Worse, I went in with the plan of 30 minutes on the rowing machine, 15 minutes of weight training and 15 minutes of stability moves.

I gave up on the rower after 20 minutes, did only 3 weight machines and then thought "screw it" and hit the shower. Not a good move. In the middle of a long hot shower (one thing I won't cut short) I decided I wasn't leaving without an appointment with Guido. I need to get back on track or I might as well quit right now and chalk it up to another failed try.

Turns out Guido wasn't in yet.. but was on his way. So I hung around a few minutes then begged for something any time this week. We have a session scheduled for tomorrow morning.

So bad decision: allowing myself to quit.

Good decision: recognizing the path I was on, and being pro-active about catching myself before things got too bad.