Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tale of the Scale, Tuesday edition

Yeah, I'm a day late.. but not a pound short! Since I'm using the balance scales at the gym to measure weight loss, and they were closed on Christmas day, I couldn't report until today.

The news? After more than a month stuck at the same weight (but losing inches like mad) I had a 2 pound loss this week! Thank goodness. I was completely losing any incentive to continue. So now it's 10 inches lost (total), but only 6 pounds. Though those 6 pounds are likely fat.

Infact this weekend, I had to take in my bras! I'm not ready to fork over $50-100 on new ones, but they were getting too lose in the band. So with a handy-dandy stretch stitch on my machine, I brought them all in about 1". Can't do much more without really screwing up how the straps sit. I'm hoping, though, that I nurse these along until it's both a cup size change and a band size change that forces me to replace them.

Workout schedule this week:

Tuesday: gym for 30 minutes cardio on the treadmill and weight machines for arms/shoulders.

Wednesday: gym for 30 minutes on the rowing machine and stabilization/stretching exercises.

Thursday: Off day. I'm back working with Guido. Today is a full-on workout. Then walk the dogs. Then collapse.

Friday: OFF. I will need it.

Saturday: See Wednesday.

Sunday: See Tuesday.

Monday: Off

Every day do some of the balance/stabilization moves at home, walk the dogs when weather allows. Get enough rest.