Monday, December 11, 2006

Tale of the Scale,12/11

Isn't Red Chard the perfect holiday vegetable?? All red and green and crinkled? Don't you love the nice shots I get with my new camera??

Finally a bit of good news in the Tale department. I am down a full pound from last week. And at this point, it won't be that indescribable "water weight" that everyone dismisses. It will be real weight. I attribute it three sessions on the rowing machine this past week. Works my ENTIRE BODY (well maybe not my forehead..or earlobes..). Saturday, though, when I got off it I could actually take a full stride. So my body is getting used to the abuse.

I meant to take body measurements today, but that's going to have to wait. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Friday. Friday I have my annual physical (including stress test) so only a light, light breakfast. To distract myself, I may measure.

Still need to get the dogs out for a walk, but I'm waiting on 2 return phone calls. One for our car insurance and one for scheduling the surgery on my toe. Looks like 1/10 will be day!