Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Universe Is Trying to Tell me Something...

sepia shutters
I was checking out regular posts and trying to choose who to nominate for Webbies and thinking about my goals for this year, when I found Crazy Aunt Purl's horro-scopes (finally!!).

Sometimes I save Cancer for the last, either because I can't see that far ahead into my own month or because it's too personal. This time, I rushed right to Cancer first, ready to tell all crabs everywhere that finally, hello, 2007 is here! That means we get a whole new list, a whole new year, a whole 'nother chance at love and happy and all those things we secretly wish for deep down in our crabby little hearts. Your January To-Don't is simple: Every time you start beating yourself up over something you said or did in the past, or start replaying a past mistake or bad situation in your head, STOP. And your To-Do is equally simple, but very satisfying: Use this month to exercise your future-tense daydream muscles. In place of all that time you spend in your head trying to fix or re-live the past, now just actively focus on daydreaming your future. See it in your mind, down to the shoes you'll wear. Be whoever you want to be in your futures, your fantasies, your imagination. Us crabs never fully live in the present, so if you have to choose between obsessing over the past (which you can never change) or daydreaming a beautiful future... always, always pick the future. (And yes, my daydreams include what shoes I will be wearing. Indeed!)
Then HeatherB pointed out the "previews" message at MSN:
You’re often a little down in the dumps when the New Year starts – you’re a summer baby, after all. But 2007 promises to be a glowing exception, so don’t go hiding in your shell, Cancer. As the year begins, you might have a lead on a great new job. If not, be on the lookout. If you’ve been hoping for a better outlet for your creativity or a workplace with more positive, upbeat people, this is you year to find it. And you’ll probably be paid better, too! The financial pressure you felt in 2006 will lighten up, allowing you to save for something special – or just for peace of mind.
Now, is it just me or is there a trend here?? Positive stuff all around. I'm working on Laurie's assignment... I almost fainted when she mentioned that whole "fixing or reliving the past" line. I didn't think anyone did that except me. But I working on changing it.

Like right now? I'm searching Zappos for cute shoes that I can wear after my surgery next week.