Monday, March 26, 2007

Tale of the Scale, 3/26

Forgive me a little bragging, but this past week I moved (mostly) into new jeans. And I need to demonstrate why.

Evidence: Old jeans front view. These are Lee True Fit Jeans, size 12. When I started working out, I couldn't fasten the waist button on these. Oh, and although these are marked as "mid rise".. they fasten at my waist. Yeah, I'm short waisted.

Note the bag in the thighs and the sag in the butt and belly.
The good thing about these jeans? I can stuff my wallet, cellphone, MP3 player, tissue, dog poop pickup bags, and keys into the pockets.

Yeah, they are like pants with a purse!

How becoming!!

I'm keeping one pair of these for gardening and other "messy" work.

Now the new replace jeans, pair #1. Found these at Old Navy. See how they fit trimly through the waist and thighs. Just by putting these on, I look thinner!

The side view shows how nicely they highlight my "becoming" cute bottom. A little more leg work, and I will cuter than kittens at Christmas in these jeans.

(well, I do need to do a whole lot of work above that waistline!!) but from the waistline down I am becoming kitten-cute.

Report on Scale:

Still staying the same weight. I'll admit it, I haven't been eating the 5-6 times a day that I should be. I'm within my calorie range every day, but the program emphasizes that you eat small frequent meals with lots of fruits and veggies. Haven't been doing that for a couple days. I need to get back to writing my food down all day long.

It's OK.

Jeans #2 are bit tighter, but I'm intending to work my way into these. We just started doing more intensive abdominal work this past week. Within the month, these will be fitting less like second skin and more like great pair of jeans. The length is great and the cut is quite complimentary. Besides, they were on sale!!

Plan for the week:

Sunday was my personal long, easy workout. A half hour of cardio, a half hour of core/stability, a half hour of weight training. I usually enjoy this workout so much. I don't know why. Anyway, this is usually favorite day at the gym. Yesterday, not so much. I worked hard, doing what I usually do, but the endorphins just never kicked in.

Monday: Cardio and core.
Tuesday: Cardio and training with Guido.
Wednesday: see Monday.
Thursday: See Tuesday.
Friday and Saturday: rest, rest, rest.
Sunday: begin again.

Tuesday I hope to go out to lunch with a couple friends or visit an exhibit at the Oakland Museum. And either Monday or Wednesday will be 5 mile walk (including a hill) so start getting ready for the Bay To Breakers walk in May.

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