Thursday, April 05, 2007

Found in the Newspaper..

There were several strange, charming stories in the paper today.

First... the charming story of the coyote who simply strolled into a Quiznos and sat down in the cooler. He has a better home.

Second, and I cannot find a link to this story anywhere... but my local newspaper (the Contra Costa Times) has photographs of Eddie Money.. (yes THAT Eddie Money) performing at neighborhood locale: an elementary school. How the mighty have slipped?? I don't know.. but they added that he also gave the kids a music lesson, so maybe this is part of Musicians in the school program.

Among the activities being touted this weekend are two bands playing Monday night. They "blend klezmer and Gypsy music with punk." Gee. I have plans. Perhaps instead I should down some antihistimines and the catch the Moscow Cat Theatre... a circus with cats?? At $50 or more each, I think not. But if I were a cat person??