Sunday, April 08, 2007

Courtesy of Deb. Fifty questions, since I chose not to do the "Getting To Know You" thing this week.

1.Whats your name spelt backwards?

ybor arbed

2. What did you do last night?

Baked banana nut bread and watched The Sound Of Music.

3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

A ringtone of the stadium singing "Wild Thing" from Major League.

4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?

Yes. Only to tell if it's really dead.

5. Last time you swam in a pool?

I don't swim. Last time I sat in a pool was our last cruise.

6. What are you wearing?

yoga pants, old t-shirt, polar fleece pullover, slippers.

7. How many cars have you owned?

I'm on my 8th.

8. Type of music you dislike most?

Country. Opera. Kind of a tie.

9. Are you registered to vote?

Have been since I received the right.

10. Do you have cable?

Yes. Cable or satellite is the only way we get any reception.

11. What kind of computer do you use?

An HP laptop with Windows XP.

12. Ever made a prank phone call?

Not that I recall, but I probably did.

13. You like anyone right now?

Yes, I like a lot of people. Somehow I think is a meme written by a high schooler (middle schooler??) and the question has a whole different level of meaning. Adults:So Not Cool.

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?

No. No. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

15. Furthest place you ever travelled?


16.Do you have a garden?


17. What’s your favorite comic strip?

Hmm.. I hate to play favorites... but probably "A Rose is a Rose..."

18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem?

At least the first verse.. and most of the second... but not the third.

19. Shower, morning or night?

Mid-day after I workout at the gym. Otherwise morning.

20. Best movie you’ve seen in the past month?

Can't recall a particularly remarkable one.

21. Favorite pizza toppings?

Mushrooms, black olives, sausage, onions, spinach.

22. Chips or popcorn?


23. What cell phone provider do you have?


24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells?

uhm... why would I do that??

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?

No. (definitely school aged author...)

26. Orange Juice or apple?


27. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?

The spouser. The dogs. Before that Roberta and Jeanne a couple weeks ago.

28. Favorite chocolate bar?

Schargenberger's 80% cacao dark chocolate bar.

29. Who is your longest friend and how long?

People tend to disappear from my life when we aren't active together. So longest friend would be about 9 years. Pick a Pickle.

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?

Late last fall. (sigh... will they be ripe soon?)

31. Have you ever won a trophy?


32. Favorite artist?

Ruth Asawa.

33. Favorite computer game?

Don't play many.

34. Ever ordered from an infomercial?

Doubt it.

35. Sprite or 7-UP?

Between that choice? 7-UP. But I rarely drink soft drinks, and I do it's normally a Classic Coke.

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?
Yes.. Catholic elementary school.

37. Last thing you bought at the store?

Paint brushes for a class I'm taking next week.

38. Ever thrown up in public?

Yes. Enough said.

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?

Both? Given I've found love (and have doubts about "one true love" thing) I think I'll take the money.

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. Lust at first sight, recognition of a kindred soul, yes. But Love takes time.

41.Can exes just be friends?

I've heard of it happening, but not often.

42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?

My friend Linda about a month or so before she died.

43. Did you have long hair as a young kid?

Yes I did. Long, wavy/curly (thank you perms), and very light blonde.

44. What message is on your voicemail machine?

You've reached me. You know what to do.

45. Where would you like to go right now?

For a long, fast, winding drive along the coast.

46. What was the name of your first pet?

Fuzzy and Wuzzy. Two easter chicks given away by our babysitters.

47. What kind of back pack do you have, and what’s in it?

Definetely school age author. I only a backpack on long dog walks.

48. Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone?

A call from my friend Del.

49. What is one thing you are grateful for today?

I am always grateful for hot coffee first thing in the morning.

50. What do you think about most?

Strange and wonderful things and how to do them...

Think 50 (strange) questions was fun to read?? Why don't to answer them yourself then leave me the link in my comments? Promise I'll go read yours.