Friday, April 20, 2007

Getting To Know You - Childhood Memories

The Getting to Know You "interview" this week is a (blessedly short one) about childhood memories. I don't like to remember my childhood, having huge gaping holes in what it was like. I'm beginning to believe that those holes are normal; children's lives are so repetitive, what would we remember except the exceptions?

There were bonus points for sharing a photo. I can't. I don't have a scanner, only own about 5 photos of me as a child and have no way to share them. I was skinny and blonde with long curly hair. Use your imagination

1. What was your favorite childhood family vacation? Where did you go and what do you remember most about the trip? (this doesn't have to be a big trip... even a camping trip - or whatever you remember!)
Several summers in a row our family and another would rent a house in Edinboro, PA. It was right on the river (as opposed to on the lake) within walking distance of the town. Edinboro was quite small then; 2 bowling lanes, 1 pool table and a movie theater that only opened on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

We would play in the backyard, play in the river, run around the town. Occasionally we would fish or rent peddle-boats or row boats for the day. There was no TV, poor reception on the radio and no paper delivered.

We lived those weeks out of time. I can't imagine giving up internet and television so quickly now.

2. If you knew your grandparents, what do you remember most about them as a child? If you didn't know them, what stories do you remember being told about them?

My mother idolized her parents, so there was little we could remember about them that was negative. She was not as fond about my father's parents, so we saw a lot less; often just we kids and my dad. While I saw all my grandparents regularly and talked with them some, I never knew them.

3. Do you have siblings or not? What do you remember about growing up with or without them?
I have 3 brothers. One was born 1 year and 6 days before me; one was born 1 year and 28 days after me. Before we started school (and were inevitably divided by classes) we were a "gang of three". You punished us as a group; you rewarded us as a group. When my youngest brother was born, he constantly tried to squeeze into the gang; we never let him.

The older we got the less connected we became.

4. What did you like best about summer vacation from school?

The kids on our block would put on a summer show every year. It took up most of the summer planning, designing, practicing and costuming the show. Then we would advertise it around the neighborhood, charging about a dime/person (and providing kool aid), and put on the show. We aimed to make enough money for us all to go down to Franklin's Ice Cream Store for a cone.

5. Did you like school or dislike school? What is your most memorable school moment? Liked elementary school, hated jr. high school.