Friday, May 11, 2007

The SC&A Graduation Address:

I do not know who authors Sigmund, Carl and Alfred, but I was absorbed by the graduation address authored at the blog. The part that really got to me:

As taxpayers, we adults- besides your parents that are in blissful denial as it relates to your mediocrity- have made peace with the reality that our tax money will not change the fact that you are barely educable and literate. There are no silk purses from a sow’s ear. The average reading level of college graduates hovers somewhere between 8th and 9th grade. That means half of you cannot read at that level. Now, turn around again and look at mommy and daddy. See their smile? That means they are going to buy you something to help you get over the trauma of being confronted by the reality that many of you can barely read.

Remember this: The fact that most of you are idiots does not mean that your opinions are of any merit whatsoever. Mommy and daddy may have to put up with your drivel, because you know, you are so ’special,’ but we do not.

The link to the Flesch-Kincade Readability Test added by author.