Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Moving Meditation on the Treadmill

Am I boring you yet? Too Bad. I'm working through a lot of things and this is a good way for me to firm it out.

Anyway, Wednesday spent some time again meditating on the treadmill. Trying to figure out exactly why I'm feeling that I've had some level of success in this get strong/lose weight adventure and I'm wondering why I've lost my mojo.

I know I get out of the bath in the morning, and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I am not unhappy with the way I look. I could stay here and not be unhappy. Then I put clothes on, and the lose skin and belly fat re-arranges itself to present a less pleasing picture. And reality sets in.

But still...

It was at this point in the walk that I heard my father's voice saying the things he said my whole life: If you're kind of happy with the success you've had already, why bother working harder? Why not settle for what you've already done? It's enough.

"Settle" it should be my family's motto!!

Did you know that the messages that little girls get from the adult men in their lives are the keys to how these women will be as adults? Fathers, uncles, godfathers, etc. teach little girls how to act as a woman, what to expect from a man, and what to expect from herself.

I've spent my life hearing that I should settle for what's easy, what doesn't take hard work, what's at hand. When I aimed higher and didn't get it, my parents would tell me that I should set my standards lower.

We won't go into some of the nightmares created by THAT message.

Anyway, when I realized that it's father's voice that's holding me back, NOW I HAVE WAY TO ATTACK THE PROBLEM. It would be wonderful if I could find strong positive messages from my father or others to simply substitute for what I'm hearing. Yeah, that's not going to happen.
Instead, I am going to have to write my script and simply OUTSHOUT my father's practical but sorry teachings.

Working on the script today.

What would you say to yourself to motivate yourself through to success??