Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Green Grocery Bags...

I have been recycling my paper grocery bags for about 15 years now. I fold them up and carry them in them in car so they are always there waiting for me if the impulse to stop and pick up a half a cow should hit me. A set of bags lasts me between 3 and 6 months before they get too thin along a fold, or something leaks inside them. I would do it even if SafeWay didn't give me a 3 cent refund for every bag I recycle.

It's one of those simple "green" things I do.

But a couple weeks ago I got an email telling me a great item I had to have. (really I had to have this!!). Ya see I subscribe to Steven Leckart's COOL TOOLS email, so once in a while my mailbox will tell me about the best things I might want. And this email actually had SOMETHING I WANTED.

It was from Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio; a hardward store that specializes in things for the Amish, the Simple Livers, and those moving away from the grid. What did they recommend? A Natural Peanut Butter Stirrer.
If you use the natural stuff, the worst part is stirring the oil back into the solids without losing it or making too much of a mess. This baby does it all. Welcome to the Simple Life!

I ordered it, ofcourse, and they recommended a couple other things that might interest me. I usually don't bite on these offers, but then I espied something quite interesting:

Reuseable Grocery Cart Bags

I mean.. how cool are these?? They fold up quite small and are almost inconspicuous in the back seat of my car. Yet they unfold, and stretch to fit 2 inside a grocery cart. The plastic clips clip onto the sides of the cart, keeping them open.

Now I load my cart with what I want and no worries!! No roasts rolling into the bread; no produce bruised by that jar of natural peanut butter. Everything is organized and contained.

When I get to the checkout, I empty the bags and push the cart through. Then the clerk puts it all right back where it came from. (well, actually, they usually do it better than I did.. but they do the separate produce from meat and such). Then I take the 2 bags out, put them into the car. Pick up the handles and carry them into the house. (OK, I actually use collapsible plastic cartons to hold them.. but that might be too much information).

The really interesting thing about using these bags? Not one other shopper has stopped to examine them; but every employee around stops to admire them. They all see the logic, neatness, the value of these bags. And they all want them! I need to print out the info for the next time I shop.

Better yet, I still get credit for recycling grocery bags. (though only 2 instead of the 4+ bags they are really replacing).

Ok.. geeky grocery shopping moment over...