Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tale of the Scale.. With Good News!!

Weight this morning (at home): 130# This is within 10# of my likely final goal.

Weight at the gym (after breakfast, snack, a couple bottles of water, and 30 minutes of hard cardio): 137.5#!!

Now the unfair thing about this is all the calculations on body composition we made today are based on the 137.5# number , NOT the "truer" morning one!

Lean Muscle Mass: 91 pounds

Body Fat: 46 pounds with an 18% body fat loss since I started in November.

I've lost 3" in the bust (I really need that number to drop by another inch or three...), 4 inches in the waist and 4" in the hips. It sure looks like more!!

These will be the final numbers I use before eating my way across the Mediterranean. Let's see what 2 weeks of cruise meals, combined with walking around 7 different cities does!! (yes, I'll be using the gym on the ship during "off" days...)

Now for the good news: Guido has decided that I look like I'm leaning up enough that he is beginning to transition me from the "weight loss" workout program to the "lean and fit" program.

Hey!! That means I'm approaching of my ideal body composition and my ideal weight!

Let's all party with a healthy bowl of fresh berries and some nice unsweetened Silk soy milk!!